Florida Alliance for Choices in Education (F.A.C.E.) provides a forum for school choice/parental empowerment organizations to discuss how best to expand and strengthen school choice so all Florida families have access to the schooling options that best meet their needs.

Florida is a school choice leader.  However, parents continue to face significant obstacles when trying to match their children with the most appropriate schools.  F.A.C.E. is committed to removing these barriers and ensuring all families have equal access to the educational options that best meet their children’s needs.

It’s essential parents know about Florida’s full continuum of school choice options, understand the barriers that often restrict parents from accessing those options and unite to support the overall school choice movement. Families that access one type of school choice today often need another option tomorrow when their children’s needs change, which is why all parents should support the full array of Florida’s school choice options.  F.AC.E. strives to remove the barriers to school choice and create a level playing field for all families, including those who may not be accessing a choice program today.

As F.A.C.E. continues to grow and move forward, we will strive to unite all parents to support the school choice/ parental empowerment movement. Parents must be the primary decision-makers for their children.