Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice (IEPC)

The Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice (IEPC), also known as the School Choice Office, in the Florida Department of Education, is responsible for the oversight and implementation of several educational programs that provide parents with school choice options beyond their local assigned elementary, middle or high school. School choice is a key component in helping to ensure high academic achievement for all of Florida’s students. School choice is about offering parents the opportunity to make the best decision about how and where their students will be most successful. Florida continues to lead the nation in the number and quality of options available to families. IEPC oversees the following school choice programs:

  • Charter Schools
  • Opportunity Scholarship Program
  • McKay Scholarship Program
  • Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program
  • Private Schools (K-12) Home Education
  • Public School Choice Programs (Magnet, Controlled-Open Enrollment, and ABC Schools)

IEPC has varying responsibilities and requirements in each of these areas. IEPC is committed to educating parents and students about ALL school options available in Florida in order to assist them in making the best choices for their education.


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