Nova Southeastern University’s Abraham S. Fischler School of Education established the National Institute for Educational Options(NIEO) in 1997 to further the efforts of K–12 education toward comprehensive school reform. A major area of school reform features ”school choice” as a means to improve academic achievement, further school options for parents and students, and promote school and business partnerships.

The NIEO is an integral part of the Fischler School and its curriculum offerings especially in the school choice arena. For example, the Charter School Education/Leadership Masters of Science specialization focuses on administration, leadership, and teaching in charter schools. The NIEO was integral to the development of the doctoral minor in Charter School Education Leadership.  The minor in charter school education leadership is designed to provide an extensive overview of the history, legal framework, and maintenance and operations of charter schools.

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The Institute encompasses research, professional development and support services through the assistance and grant support from foundations such as The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, the William Simon  Foundation, Alliance for School Choice and the Walton Family Foundation to name a few. There is an annual International School Choice and Reform Academic Conference held in January for academicians, policy makers, administrators and other stakeholders in all areas of school choice in which the latest research is shared and discussed.