Independent Voices for Better Education, Inc. (IVBE)

In 1990, a group of teachers, parents and business people formed a statewide organization in the State of Florida realizing the corruption and lack of student achievement in public education could not be fixed from the inside. The system was brutal to anyone suggesting reform and accountability, as those who really cared already knew; i.e., teachers and students who had high expectations.  We take a fresh look at student performance, rewarding achievement, and increasing accountability for all who work in the field of public education, and protecting teachers who speak out against entrenched bureaucracy.  We educate people about how much was really being spent by the education systems and the consistent drop in all standardized test scores, in spite of the billions being poured into the systems.  IVBE promotes education reform in the public school system, including the use of charter schools, education tax credits, opportunity scholarships and public school vouchers.   We network with many groups both statewide and on a national level to compare problems (most public education systems are run by the same entrenched bureaucracy using our tax dollars to stay in power) and find solutions (electing people who understand what needs to be done by educating the public).

Ira J. Paul, President