Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools

Our organization is an alliance of non-public schools that serve children with special needs. The Coalition works with legislators and the Florida Department of Education to keep the McKay Scholarship Program a viable option for parents of students with disabilities in Florida. The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools was founded to provide private schools a concentrated voice concerning issues related to the John M. McKay Scholarship Program. The Coalition supports the continuation and growth of the McKay Scholarship program to ensure that it stays true to its goal: to provide diverse educational options for children with disabilities and parental choice while allowing private schools to retain their autonomy to offer these programs.

The Coalition is a one issue organization: promoting and protecting the viability of the McKay Scholarship Program.  Many other organizations, such as accrediting organizations, are stakeholders in the McKay Scholarship Program but the scholarship program is not their main focus. Developing an organization with the scholarship program as its only focus allows The Coalition to respond quickly and strongly to questions and/or challenges that arise. Today the Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools remains one of the primary voices in the state of Florida standing watch over the McKay Scholarship Program to ensure its protection and future viability. Visit our website to learn more and to become a member.